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[Use of cloth stickers] Ironing or sewing cloth on the surface of clothes, cloth bags, scarves, curtains, bed sheets, tablecloths, shoes and hats, etc., decorating clothes, covering enamel, DIY trinkets, creating a picture Embroidery pictures, And even a hand-made piece of flower cloth, decorating the walls in the home, etc., is also a rare collection.

[How to use cloth ironing]

1. Before ironing, keep the back side clean and adjust the temperature to the temperature suitable for the clothes according to the method of using the iron;

2. Put the cloth sticker in the appropriate position (do not tear off the glue), burn it back and forth a few times, usually burn for about 10 seconds;

In order to prevent burns, you can put a thin cotton cloth on the cloth (must be cotton , not a faded cloth). After ironing, check the edges to see if it is hot, and burn a few times on the edges ;

4. It is necessary to determine the temperature by the thickness of the applique. If it is thicker, it must be higher in temperature and longer in ironing. For a particular thick cloth, you can burn it a few times on the back;

5. Special Note: For cloths with sequins or brighter surfaces (because the sequins are all plastic), be sure to lay a layer of cloth and iron at low temperatures (below 130 C), or use a steam iron directly. Or put a layer of damp cloth on top. In order to avoid excessive temperature, the plastic sheet is melted;

6. The best way is to use a needle thread to sew a few stitches on the side of the cloth after it is hot, so that it is firmer and more compliant;

7. If there is no iron in the house, you can also sew the cloth directly on the clothes with the same color line;

Cloth sticking hot cloth stickers suggest that after sewing, it will be firmer!

Type: Cloth label

Material: cloth

Brand: Yi embroidery Scope: clothing, apparel, home textiles

Color: 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 4piece/set

Item Specifics

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