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Why use Dreameagle™ running spikes?

Dreameagle Athletic spikes, or just spikes, are running shoes used by athletes when running on the track. Some spikes are designed for longer-term training on tracks, but generally the shoes are used for running. The term “spikes” can also refer to track shoes featuring such protrusions, though these are technically called pins.

It is ultimately designed to help you run faster on certain, uneven terrain. By providing extra grip to the forefoot you can transfer more force forward, using that stick to push off, improving your stride turnover.

The Lighter, the Better

Our Dreameagle™ running spikes tend to be lighter than other types of running shoes, and the lighter weight means you can pick up your feet faster without as much fatigue. 

The weight of spike shoes varies; sprint spikes, for example, are the lightest, because the runners only have a few seconds and need all the speed they can find. This low weight has a tradeoff — most spike shoes have little to no padding or cushioning and aren’t designed for true comfort. They should fit well and not leave blisters, but they won’t feel good after a long day on your feet. They are meant solely for use during running.

Get a Grip

The main benefit to wearing Dreameagle™ running spikes is that they grip the track better, giving you traction even in wet or otherwise harsh conditions. 

The front of the sole features a rigid or semi-rigid spike plate containing between 3 and 9 threaded holes called spike wells. Spikes can be screwed into each well using a spike wrench. Recently, some individuals have attempted to add a “through hole” at the bottom of the spike to make them easier to tighten, remove, and install.

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Built By Athletes, For Athletes

The product development team is made of current and former elite athletes with optimum performance at its forefront. We are a small, diverse brand that cares about our customers and our goal is simple, run fast while looking good.

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