110v 120v 230v All Touch Screen Temperature Controller Thermoregulator Black Back Light Electric Heating Room Thermostat

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Item Specifics
Product Details
AC 85~240V All Touch Screen Black Back Light Electric Heating Room Thermostat
Notice: There is a layer of protective film on the screen, please tear off it when you are ready to use.>> Technical Datas- Accuracy: ±1?- Probe sensor: NTC (10K) ±1% @25?- Max load: 16A

– Range of temperature adjustment: 5~38?

– Button: Touch key

– Output: Switch relay

– Running program: Set per 1 week as a cycle

– Installation: Wall mounted

– Size(mm): 85*85*16

>> Thermostat Functions

1. Memory Function
Memorize all your settings after sudden power-off. When power is on again, you do not need to reset it.
2. Programmable Function
Six periods programmable controlling temperature setting, 5+2 or 6+1 programmable.
3. Insert and external two sensors. 3m external sensor cable is included.
4. Childrem Lock Function
Lock the thermostat to avoid misoperating by Children.
5. Suit for various kinds of electric heating system
The thermostat is suitable for heating cable, heating mat, heating film and other electric heating devices.
6. LCD All Touch Black Bakc Ligth Screen.
7. Anti-freeze Function:
In the state of shutdown, the thermostat will turn on the heating device automatically when temperature is below 5C degrees, when the room temperature is above 7C degrees, the thermostat will turn off the heating device automatically. (can close this setting in advanced setting).
Package includes: 1 X thermostat
1 X 3 meters external sensor
2 X screws
1 X English user manual
Introduction and Operation Video: //youtu.be/DjyWveGiy-g

Thermostat Details

Item Specifics
Brand Name:
Anti-flammable PC
Model Number:
Floor Heating Parts
Floor Heating Part Type:
Floor Heating Thermostats
Working Voltage:
AC85~240V 50/60Hz
Max current:
Touch screen, programmable
Chileren lock:
Power off memory function:

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