3d Metal Detector Aks Pro Treasure Hunter Locator Scanner Gold Mineral Detecting Machine For Silver Copper Stones

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Product Details

3D Metal Detector AKS PRO Treasure Hunter Locator Scanner Gold Mineral Detecting Machine for Gold Silver Copper Precious Stones

  • Super Chip: Updated Version Microchip processor
  • Alarm Mode :The drip-drip ringing sound of a bell
  • DVD:The most professional operation video,easy to see,easy to operate,Quickly search target.
  • Search System: microcomputer control and reflective conductive processor
  • Range: Gold, Silver, Copper,Diamond
  • Search: 1000 meters
  • Depth: 20 meters
  • Energy: 12V 1600mAh
  • Transmission frequency :5600.00 – 6000.00Hz
  • Signal frequency :360.00 – 440.00Hz
  • Detection Type: gold, silver, copper, precious stones,etc.
  • Charging Method: This equipment has been installed rechargeable battery, direct access to the charger, to charge the battery, charging time hours.
  • Net Weight: 2.6KG
  • Gross Weight : 4 KG
Item Specifics
Model Number:
Power Type:
Detecting depth:
Detection type:
Gold; Silver; Copper; Precious stones
Search range:
Model Number:
AKS Metal Detector

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