Gp-008 Handheld Metal Detector High-precision Mobile Security Instrument Depth Wood Nail

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GP-008 hand-held metal detectors
First. Usages:
Airports , railway stations , docks , schools, electronic detection checks
Customs ,border , security departments safety inspection
Medicine, food quality inspection business systems
Important place , playground , playground safety inspection
Precious metal detection, such as gold and silver jewelry factory, copper metal factory
Scond. Detection range :
1, the pin 35-65mm
2 , Tiananmen-style 160mm
3 , 30mm diameter nails
4 , Ball 100mm


VII Note :
1 , after using forget off the power.
2 , long-term use should be shut down without removing the battery .
3 , when the probe is fixed against the metal does not sound to indicate when swept metal sound.
4 , turn off the power switch when charging.
5 , Charger Voltage : AC 9V; DC 10V. ( Bring your own charger )
Eight , technical parameters:
Power: 270 mW
Operating frequency : 22 kHz
Voltage :7-9V
Operating temperature : -5 ° C to 55 ° C
Weight : 360g
Dimensions : 39.8mm * 8mm * 3.5mm ( LxWxH )
Package include:
1 x metal detector
1 x english manual

Technique service:
You can connect me with Skype (hwpgroup) or Email (hwpgroup at 126.com

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