Gun Safes Fingerprint Biometric And Spare Key Lock Pistol Steel Security Guns Strongbox

Gun Safes Fingerprint Biometric And Spare Key Lock Pistol Steel Security Guns Strongbox

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Product Details

Gun Safes Fingerprint Biometric And Spare Key Lock Pistol Steel Security Guns Strongbox

Are you worried about the safety of your fingers and/or your guns?

If you’re not confident about the security of your firearms, don’t put yourself at risk for a burglary. Now, to keep your fingers and guns safe from harm you can use a gun safe fingerprint biometric and spare key lock pistol steel security with a strongbox.

You need to protect your fingers and firearms from potential burglars! It’s important to work with a trusted company that offers different safety features

Product Specifications

1. Unlocking method: fingerprint and spare key
2. Number of users: 120 fingerprint users
3. Fingerprint Type: Semiconductor Fingerprint Sensor
4. Material: Cold rolled steel
5. Power Requirements: Four AA Alkaline Batteries(Not included)
6. Power Type: DC
7. Operating voltage: 4.8-6.5V
8. Static current: 25uA
9. Dynamic Current: 0.3A-1A
10. Resolution: 500 DPI
11. FRR reject rate: 0.01%
12. FAR false rate: 0.0001%
1. Semiconductor fingerprint module, with a false rejection rate as low as 0.01% and a recognition rate as low as 0.001%. The recognition rate is much higher than the popular scratch-type fingerprint recognition module on the market.
2. Low-voltage alarm, when the battery power is low, it will ring three times each time the safe is opened, and the LED indicator will flash three times, indicating that the voltage is insufficient to remind the user to replace the battery.
3. Power protection, when the safe suddenly shuts down, the saved fingerprints will be saved and continue to be used
4. Well-chosen material, No. 19 steel shell, internal memory foam
5. Up to 120 fingerprint users. The first three fingerprints are the administrator’s fingerprints. Administrators need to approve the registration of new fingerprints.
6. Equipped with spare keys, each safe box is equipped with two spare keys, the corresponding key code on the key handle, if the key is lost, tell us the code, the factory will according the code to make a new key
7. Ultra-low power consumption, 4 AA alkaline batteries, life of up to 12 months
8. Easy to install, just need to fix four screws
Size information












1.Box cover

2.Fingerprint reader

3.Power button


5.Pilot lamp

6.Fixing plate

Item Specifics
Model Number:
Brand Name:
Gun Safe box:
Fingerprint Safe box
Gun Safes:
Steel Strongbox
Spare Key Lock:
Guns Fingerprint Strongbox
2.25 inch x 5.75 inch x 8.5 inch

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