Refillable Butane Wine Bottle Lighter Creative Torch For Home Decor Cigarettes


Wine Bottle Lighter Creative Fire Torch Butane Lighters Gas Refillable For Cigarette Home Decorative Ornaments
Refillable Butane Wine Bottle Lighter Creative Torch For Home Decor Cigarettes $15.99$18.99
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Refillable Butane Wine Bottle Lighter Creative Fire Torch Gas Lighters For Cigarettes And Home Decorations

This Refillable Butane Wine Bottle Lighter is a perfect blend of practicality and style. Crafted from durable metal and plastic, it offers longevity and resistance to wear, making it ideal for those who love the outdoors. Its innovative design features a creative fire torch, making it a unique and functional tool for campers and adventure enthusiasts.

This lightweight, compact lighter is not just for igniting cigarettes; it is also a fantastic piece for your home decor. Its wine bottle shape gives it an artistic flair that can enhance the visual appeal of your living space. Hand it over to a friend as a unique gift, or add it to your personal collection.

The lighter comes in three distinct colors: A, B, and C, each weighing a mere 28 grams for easy portability. Its dimensions are 8.8*3.1*1.3 cm, making it small enough to fit in your pocket. Please note that this product uses butane gas as fuel, which isn’t included due to safety regulations.

This wine bottle lighter is more than just a smoking accessory; it’s a conversation piece. Whether you’re using it to light up your cigarette, showcasing it as a decorative ornament, or adding it to your survival kit for outdoor sports, it’s a versatile item that merges functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Please note that due to different monitor settings, the actual color of the item might vary slightly from the pictures. Also, allow for a 1-2cm error in dimensions due to manual measurement.

Experience the convenience and style of this refillable butane wine bottle lighter. Add a touch of creativity to your everyday essentials with this remarkable product.

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